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Modern & Contemporary Art Acquisition


Choosing A Creative Path to Awareness

Mindfulness and art

Mindfulness and art come hand in hand. They cross beautifully. Most artists experience this beautiful connection during the creative process – constantly listening to the quiet voice, responding, and making marks from the hand of intuition. There’s nothing more delightful than that creative pop when a new idea explodes into life.

You might […]

How to Hang Art in Your Home or Business

Where you hang your art is extremely important. Otherwise it feels uncomfortable – a bit like a shoe that doesn’t fit. Every piece has to blend with its surroundings and the spacing has to be just right. Here’s some helpful advice to help each painting work in harmony with your home or office.

Not many […]

Transported by Art

Transported by art: how buying art can take you on a truly personal journey

Art is a powerful force. Accepting its beauty with no intellectual understanding can be challenging but it allows us to simply feel and explore our own emotions on a deeper level. This makes the process of buying art completely personal. Logic […]

Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector

Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector, The Barbican Art Gallery, 12 February – 25 May.

I had an amazing time at this exhibition and really recommend you go and see it. It is the first major exhibition in the UK to present the fascinating personal collections of post-war and contemporary artists and it is like […]

Transmitting Warhol

Transmitting Warhol – Tate Liverpool
If you’re suffering from the January Blues, why not treat yourself to a weekend away to discover the man who transformed the modern art world and catch Transmitting Andy Warhol at Tate Liverpool.  Bold, bright and quintessentially Pop Art, it is guaranteed to inject colour back into your life.

I loved […]

The Black Square


Malevich is one of the pioneers of Modern abstract art, so I was really pleased to finally see a retrospective of this Ukrainian-born painter at the Tate Modern. The exhibition takes you on a fascinating journey from early cubism and futurism through his suprematist period, […]

Why I first fell in love with Modern Art

Love at first sight is an amazing feeling.  And it happened to me in the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York. 

I was 21 at the time when I decided to visit the Met.  And that was when it happened.

The work was Eve by Barnett Newman.  It blew me away: I loved the composition […]

A beginner’s guide to Modern Art

Modern Art is not really all that modern.  It dates from the end of the 19th century until the 1960s.

Modern Art is also not one coherent style.  It’s a loose term for the succession of styles that dominated Western art and architecture for much of the twentieth century.

Despite the loose nature of the umbrella […]